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December 2018

To all our customers we wish a merry Christmas and festive season and all the best wishes for health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year.

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April 2009

Erfurt Airport

A new baggage handling system will be installed by our company at Erfurt Airport. It will accomplish the latest standards referring to a 100 % baggage control. We are glad to be a part of this project in our capital of the federal state.


February 2009

Zurich Airport Baggage Processing

The installation of 300 m belt conveyor systems for a more flexible clearance of baggage at Zurich Airport has started.


January 2009

We wish all our business partners, friends and acquaintances a good start as well as a successful new year.


Budapest Airport Ferihegy 2

At the end of October the completion of the temporary baggage handling system took place.

All six lines - four baggage reclaim lines and two check-in lines - were connected step-by-step with the new assembly lines during the running air traffic. The construction contains two new sorting carousels and 665 m conveyor lines in total.

The order was completed on time and without any interference of the air traffic.

Please find more information at .


July 2008

Budapest Airport Ferihegy 2

HUKOM received the order to retrofit the baggage conveyor at the airport Ferihegy II. The retrofitting contains approximately 600 m belt conveyors. The complete area will be relocated to clear more space for the upcoming amplification of the terminals.


February 2008

Merowe Dam Sudan

We received the order to the complete installation of a baggage handling system - departure and arrival - at Merowe Dam Airport, Sudan.


January 2008

Budapest Airport Ferihegy 2 B

The second retrofitting period at Budapest Airport Ferihegy Terminal 2 B has just begun.


December 2007

Brisbane Airport, Australia

We accepted an order for supervision at Brisbane Airport, Australia at short notice. The retrofitting will be finished to mid December.


November 2007

Budapest Airport Ferihegy 2 B

At the beginning of November the frist construction phase for the 100 % self-acting baggage control at Terminal 2 B, Budapest Airport, will start.

On 30th November 2007 the 100 % Hold-Baggage-Screening (HBS) installation was delivered and brought on stream on time.


Ocotber 2007

Lungi International Airport Freetown, Sierra Leone

Within ten days a departure installion with six Double-Check-In lines, 33 m belt conveyors as well as six counters were installed completely and brought on stream.


August 2007

New Internet Appearance Online

Our new internet appearance has been online since 23rd August 2007. Especially appearance and administration of the different pages were edited and improved.

The new internet appearance was created by "Atelier für Gestaltung Papenfuss", based in Weimar.


July 2007

Kabul Airport, Afghanistan

After disassembling the old baggage handling system a new baggage run-out, a sorting line as well as new baggage weighing scales were installed on time and brought on stream.


July 2007

HUKOM is a member at GATE

Since 1st July 2007 HUKOM has been an official member at GATE (German Airport Technology & Equipment). GATE is the worldwide contact point for innovative and networked solutions.